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GCMMF is presently the market leader in almost all dairy product category i.e. Butter, Milk Powders, Infant Milk food, Cheese, Cheese Spreads, Milk, Paneer, Dahi etc. We, at Amul, promise to our highly esteemed consumer, an association in an unwritten contract to satisfy his taste and nutritional requirements by offering them VFM (Value for Money) products whose quality is hard to match.  The core of the Amul Brand is something that is genetically implanted in the very fabric of its construction.  We endeavour to delight our customers without fleecing them. For us there is no difference between the terrific rich and the woebegone.

  • Amul Ice Cream: Present Status:
  • AMUL Ice cream is among the Asia’a top 10 Ice cream brands.
  • In a short span of 6 years, Amul Ice Cream has become No.1 Ice Cream brand in the country. Amul ice cream is now the only national brand and other Ice Cream brands are regional.
  • Our position in the market: Amul No.1 brand in India: Amul has achieved a market share of 38% (4.5 times larger than nearest competitor).
  • Amul Ice-cream : "Real Milk Real Ice-cream"

The punch line for Amul Ice Cream is “Real Milk Real Ice Cream” as we offer the best quality product made of real milk and milk fats and not vegetable oil (frozen dessert). Recipe used for Amul Ice Cream is on the line of Super Premium Ice Cream i.e. 35% creamier and tastier than any other ice cream available in India.

  • Best Ingredients: All ingredients used in our ice creams are of the best quality eg.



General practice followed by our competitors


Alphonso Mango

Others use Totapuri mango

Draksh (Raisins)

Afghani Draksh

Others use local sour draksh


Fresh Milk and Milk fats

Others use vegetable oil for frozen dessert or old skimmed milk powder/ age old white butter for ice cream

  • Micro Bacterial Quality:


Legal requirement
(As per BIS)

AMUL standard


Coliform / gm

<90 / gm

Nil coliform count

100 to 10000 /gm

SPC / gm

250000 / gm

We try to keep
10000/gm or less

lacs / gm to anything
  • No Differentiation in Quality between Consumer & Bulk Packs: We do not compromise on quality of the products offered, may it be consumer product or bulk packs. All the products have same quality standards in terms of fat, over run, total solids etc. It is our objective to give our customer uniform experience anywhere they consume Amul Ice Cream.
  • State of the Art Manufacturing Facilities: Amul Ice Cream is manufactured in state of the art plants certified by ISO & HACCP.
  • Probiotic Range: We are the first company in the India to introduce probiotics in ice cream, for which IDF (International Dairy Federation) has awarded GCMMF the Best Innovation in Nutri Marketing Category.
  • SUGAR FREE Range: We have introduced SUGAR FREE Ice Cream in Bulk Pack to cater this segment. We are the first who made this ice-cream especially for diabetic Patient Who feel Guilt while others are eating Ice-cream in Marriages.
  • Other Milk Products: We have also Milk and Milk products which you can used for making sweets and other recipes.
    • Amul Milk : UHT Milk / Fresh Milk in 6 litre pack (In selected Markets)
    • Amul Butter: Available in Blister Pack / Institution Pack.
    • Amul Malai Paneer: Frozen as well as Fresh Paneer.
    • Amul Kool Flavoured Milk: 200ml Bottle and 1 litre Tetra Pack.
    • Amul Cheese : Pizza Cheese and Process Cheese
    • Amul Masti Dahi : in 5 Kg Pack
    • Amul Ghee: 15 litre tin
    • Amul Sweetened Condense Milk.
    • Amul Masti Butter Milk
    • Amul Milk Powders (Skimmed / Amulya)
    • Amul UHT Cream
    • Amul Mithai (Shrikhand / Gulabjamun/ Laddoo)
  • Our Customers: Amul is supplying a wide range of products to prestigious institutions and 5 star hotels like Taj, Oberoy, ITC, Trident etc.

  • Contact our nearest office. (Click here)


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