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  • Amul Preferred Outlet (APO):
  • To expand your business with Amul products, you can start exclusive parlour of Amul products, wherein your shop will be branded as Amul franchise outlet with full product range. For more details, click here.

  • Scooping Parlour:
  • Families and youngsters eating out ice creams can now have a rich and unforgettable experience at the nearest Amul’s Scooping Parlour.  Click here for details.

  • Ice Cream Business through Vending:

    Most of us have probably eaten our first ice cream at a push cart and thus push cart is the first image that appears when we think of ice cream! Vending of ice cream can be done at following places with much less investment than retail outlets.

    • Tourist places
    • Historical monuments
    • Hill stations
    • Railway stations
    • Bus stands
    • Schools
    • Gardens
    • Play grounds
    • Inside streets of residential colonies

    In addition to the above, small towns are the largest ice cream markets, as they cater to rural population where 70% of India resides.
    On the lines of our HADF module, we have designed HAMARA APNA PUSH CART (HAPC) module, wherein prospective parties can buy push carts from our approved suppliers at reasonable rates. HAPC is a composite model. It comprises of following.

    • Eutectic Deep Freezer with Branding: Unlike other deep freezer, eutectic deep freezer doesn’t require electricity when push cart is placed in the market and it maintains ice cream temperature properly. It has liquid coolant which circulates through deep freezer, which is charged by electricity when push cart is not in the market. So, once charged, eutectic deep freezer can operate for whole day without electricity.

    In HAPC, eutectic deep freezer is branded by Amul Ice Cream through attractive wrap around sticker.

    • Cycle: To run the push cart we have two types of cycles on which eutectic deep freezer are mounted.
      • Tri Cycle with paddles: It is required where long distance is covered by the vendor everyday.
      • Push carts with handle bar: It is useful in crowded places where it is not convenient to operate paddled push cart and distance to be covered is less e.g. railway station, mela, beach etc.
    • Canopy: It is the branding element of the HAPC which is mounted on the cycle and it has attractive flex places at the top so that people can notice Amul push cart from the distance.

    In HAPC, all the above three elements are integrated with our approved suppliers. When the party interested to buy HAPC gives payment to our approved supplier, a PLUG & SELL HAPC is delivered. Similar to HADF, we have warranty, regular services and repairs if required by approved parties for maintenance.

    Why to purchase HAPC?

    • Selling of high volume of impulse products (sticks, candies, cones, cups etc.) results in higher value realization, thus faster ROI (Return of Investment).
    • Less investment than retail outlets to start ice cream business at vantage points as listed above.
    • In rural markets, push cart is the only way to start ice cream business as there is frequent break down in electricity supplies. In HAPC, ice cream can be sold without electricity for hours unlike retail outlet, where selling is generally stopped when there is no power supply.
    • One HAPC can cover large nos. of places in one day! e.g. In the morning it can go to tourist place, in the afternoon at the school when kids are going home, evening at gardens/ play ground and in the night it can go to residential colonies where people can enjoy ice cream during walk after supper.
    • Also, one HAPC can be useful at various places at different times. e.g. You can place your HAPC at mela, exhibition etc. events as and when required to generate additional sales. After the completion of the event it can come back to the routine market.

    Thus, HAPC is a very flexible tool for selling ice cream. For further details please contact your nearest Amul office.

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